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Extraordinary the exhibition that Milan and the Royal Palace are dedicating to Picasso and his works. This important group of works belongs to the Paris museum dedicated to the artist and now closed for a renovation.
Ideally the exhibition, which will remain open until January 6, 2013, is connected to the exhibition in Milan in 1953 that was focused on the “Guernica”, this time available only in a video with the main phases of the process.
Memento of the ’53 exhibition is the “Massacre in Korea” from1951, inspired to Goya painting with the shocking scene of the shooting of women and children.

Picasso was on one side a great connoisseur of art and artistic movements of his time, and at the other side an innovateur, ready to translate into art, influences and the stimuli received both from the cultural world and the world tout court .
The retrospective in Milan…

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From Blog to Book: Moon over Martinborough

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My name is Jared Gulian, and I’m still not entirely sure how I ended up living in paradise.

That’s the first line on the About page of Jared Gulian’s blog, Moon over Martinborough. In Jared’s case, “paradise” is a tiny olive farm in rural New Zealand, the location and inspiration for his upcoming book based on his blog at

We asked Jared about his whirlwind of an experience landing a book deal with Random House New Zealand this summer, and how he’s built his audience using his blog.

How did your book contract come about?

It started with my blog, which is about life on our tiny olive farm. My partner and I are both American city boys, and somehow we ended up living in rural New Zealand with an olive grove. I wanted to write about it, so I created a blog on in 2009.

The blog became popular and won…

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Free Custom Design with a Premium Theme Purchase on Black Friday

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This Thanksgiving, we’re celebrating with a Black Friday Sale just like we did last year. On Friday, November 23rd, you’ll receive a free one year subscription to our Custom Design Upgrade, a $30 value, when you purchase any Premium Theme.

Sale starts Thursday night—November 22, 2012 at 11:00 PM PST.

Since last year, we’ve more than doubled the number of premium themes! Each premium theme is meticulously reviewed and updated before it is added, and each one comes with support directly from the theme developers themselves. You can find the perfect theme for your blog this Friday!

To see all of our themes, check out the theme directory.

Custom Design has options anyone can use: fun and professional Custom Fonts, color palettes and patterns you can add with just a few clicks, and a recently-overhauled CSS editor for those of you who really like to dig…

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NaBloPoMo: Keep Up The Good Work, Everyone!

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As November wanes, we’re nearing the end of the 13th National Blog Posting Month, better known as NaBloPoMo. Every single day, participants are firing up their blogs and writing on every topic under the sun in a marathon of self-expression. Are you one of them? If you are looking for more background or inspiration, this is the post for you.


Across this month, NaBloPoMo bloggers have been writing about . . .

The importance of hanging on

As with every creative challenge, the key to a successful NaBloPoMo is stamina, determination, and a cool head. If you are looking for an apt analogy, try rock-climbing, courtesy of “A Good Day” from A Month of Mindful Blogging:


Power, technique and fitness all play their part but reigning supreme over them all is the climber’s head. Fact: your technique goes to pot if your head is not…

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Wine and Dine Your Visitors with

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New Tools for Restaurateurs

Between starting the demi-glace and getting the case of chickens out of the walk-in for stock, the last thing we think you should be worrying about as a restaurateur is whether the guests showing up to your soft-open can actually find your phone number and location on your web site. Can phones do Flash yet? How long has that osso bucco been braising? We think the latter is probably a much better thing to take up your time, so we put together a few key tools to help get your mind off your website and where it belongs – on the food.

Introducing Confit

When looking at common restaurant site problems, one of the first issues that sprang to mind was how often broken animations, inaccessible information and bloated PDFs are foisted upon us when using our smartphones, when all we really need is a phone…

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